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The finishing touches for the classic home, our cupolas, weathervanes, and finials are beyond comparison. Choose from hundreds of styles and finishes that will perfectly suit your home.
  • Weathervanes

    Top off your home, barn or garden gazebo with a traditional and classic brass and copper weathervane. Choose from wonderful designs, sizes and finishes to reflect your individual style!

  • Rain Chains

    A unique decorative alternative to the gutter downspout, rain chains will add a dramatic focal point for your outdoor enjoyment. How soothing to behold as the rainwater dances down the handcrafted channels.

  • Finials

    Add a distinctive touch and classical elegance to your home with our pure copper finials. Finials add a lovely accent to the rooftop or a charming focal point for the garden. Choose from a broad range of styles and sizes.

  • Leader Heads

    Architecturally striking leader heads collect excess rainwater as is gushes into the downspout, and add a refined accent to any home. Our leaderheads are elegantly designed in handcrafted copper.